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Country House Alarm

When choosing an alarm for a country house in Mallorca, many questions may arise because the possibilities offered by the technology for its protection are clear.

Before deciding on an alarm system for a country house in Mallorca we have to consider a couple of premises:

Is there a permanent power supply? If so, the system options are extended, since otherwise there are fewer systems to choose from.

Is there a 24-hour Internet connection and / or GSM coverage? If we have a 24-hour Internet connection available or there is mobile coverage, the solution will be simple. In case there are no communications, we must study the possibility of contracting services from Internet service companies via WiFi and / or satellite.

A common case is to find country houses where there is no permanent electricity supply, either because generators are used or there is never any current. For these cases, we have the possibility of using professional alarm systems for country houses that use batteries to operate for years. In addition, these systems allow receiving the services of companies receiving alarms, which is an advantage and almost a basic need for this type of real estate.

If you want an alarm for a country house in Mallorca contact us without obligation and we will offer you the best solutions.


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